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Stoke Park Action Group is a member group of Lockleaze Voice – a community group formed to ensure the views of the Lockleaze community of Bristol are heard by those making decisions that affect our neighbourhood. All our meetings are open and we try hard to represent all the people living and working in Lockleaze. Our volunteer chairman is Martyn Chinn.

Lockleaze Voice meets regularly – at the Cameron Centre in Lockleaze (run by charity Lockleaze Neighbourhood Trust), on the last Tuesday of every month (except December) at 7pm. We provide an opportunity for Lockleaze people to assess proposals for change (for example planning applications and development plans) before they happen – and to ensure our views are heard and taken into account. The business of our sub-group, SPAG, is also discussed at these meetings.

SPAG was formed in answer to development pressures coming about during change of ownership from South Gloucestershire Council (which still owns part of the site) alongside new recognition and understanding of the extreme significance of the historic environment of Stoke Park.

We also include Friends of South Purdown among our members. Please come along and find out more about what we do and feel free to join Lockleaze Voice or SPAG and help us in whatever way you can.

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