Early History

1712 landscape vision for Stoke Park, by Kip

The original house was built in 1563. Little is known about the grounds that surrounded it at this time. By 1750, however, the house was being re-modelled and so was the landscape that we see today. This was a time of great interest and ambition in landscaping the grounds of country houses.

Romantic vision of Stoke Park in the 18th century

The importance of this distinctive landscape was overlooked until the 1980s when garden historians recognised Stoke Park as the largest
surviving example of the work of Thomas Wright (1711-86) – a ‘polymath’ now considered a leading 18th century landscape gardener.

The house and gardens were re-modelled by Wright and Norborne Berkeley (1717-70) – the latest in a long line of Berkeleys to own the Estate. These two visionary men refined and embellished earlier works and laid out new gardens, terraces and complex woodland walks in addition to designing ornamental buildings and monuments. Wright continued his work after Norborne Berkeley died, under the patronage of his sister, Elizabeth, the Duchess of Beaufort. For further two centuries, Stoke Park passed down through the Berkeley family. I am one of those individuals who has always been a www.phonetrackingapps.com/orbit-family-locator-app huge grand theft auto lover

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